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Who is Leandro Riva?
‘I am a guitarist from Argentina, where I grew up in the culturally bustling city of Rosario on the river Paraná.’

‘I listened to my mother playing the guitar when I was very young. I still vividly remember the pieces she used to play and how I was fascinated by the sound of the instrument.’

Why did you choose to play the guitar?
What sort of music are we talking about? ‘The music we listened to was mainly folkloric music. It was only when I took up lessons at the age of seven, that I was exposed to other musical styles, too.’

‘It was after a school concert, at the age of 12 that I decided to become a guitarist. I can still recall all the pieces I played that day too. I subsequently took part in a couple of music competitions in Argentina and the desire grew in me to study music at the University of Rosario. I think I always knew from then onwards, that being a musician was my calling.’

How did you first think about becoming a musician?
Which role does the guitar play in your country? ‘In Argentina, like all over Latin America, the guitar is omni-present. Folkloric music is part of our cultural heritage and the guitar plays a key role. Just imagine tango or milonga without the guitar! As such, our relationship with the guitar is a particularly close one. We almost treat the guitar like a member of the family.’

‘From early on, I had the desire to experience music in Europe from the inside. After a tour through Europe with the Escolaso Tango Trío in 2005, I decided to continue my musical career in Germany. I was attracted by the country’s deeply rooted musical heritage. Working away from home enabled me to look at my work from a new perspective and gave me artistic freedom to further develop and fine-tune my musical skills.’

Now you are living in Germany.
What is your ultimate professional and personal goal? ‘As a musician I aspire to provide my audiences with a deeply felt musical experience. I enjoy seeing my listeners inspired and touched by my music. As a teacher, I strive to identify my pupils’ gifts and strengths and encourage them to develop them further to become better musicians.’
  • 1 De vuelta y media
    2 Spanischer Tanz Nr. 1
    3 Tango Flamenco
    4 Tango Nr. 2 (Andante)
    5 Tango Nr. 3 (Allegro)
    6 Danse Oriental
    7 Valery
    8 Unión Cívica
    9 Gabriel’s oboe

    Compositions by

    Máximo Barbieri [tracks 1],
    Manuel de Falla 
    [track 2],
    Jaime B. Rudolph [tracks 3, 7],
    Astor Piazzolla [tracks 4, 5],
    Enrique Granados 
    [track 6],
    D. Santa Cruz
    [track 8] and
    Ennio Morricone [track 9].

    Recorded in Hanover, Germany 2018.
    Mixing & Mastering: Wolf-Dieter Karwatky at KarCos Productions

    ⓟ Leandro Riva & Jaime B. Rudolph, 2018
    ⓒ Talanton, 2018

    Bestell-Nr. TAL90008

    RAUMKLANG Musikproduktion & Verlag UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    Burgstraße 56 / Schloss
    06667 Goseck, Germany
    Tel : +49-(0)3443-3 48 00 80



    Tango Flamenco

    1 Baião (baião)
    2 Que lo diga el río (guarania)
    3 Sarará (choro)
    4 Pichuqueando (rasguido doble)
    5 Por los dominios del Inca (carnavalito)
    6 La crecida (galopa)
    7 Baião cansado (baião)
    8 Laurel (bailecito)
    9 Duendes mulatos (candombe)
    10 Danza de las manos (malambo)
    11 El Ñandubaysal (chamarrita)
    12 Camino de las tropas (chacarera trunca)
    13 El alma en el escombro (cueca)
    14 Adiós a los cien cuervos (milonga)
    15 Um amor de valsa (valsa brasileira)
    16 Pixaim (frêvo)
    17 Vidala (vidala)
    Compositions by
    Carlos Aguirre [tracks 1,10,17],
    Juan Falú [tracks 2,4,8],
    Marco Pereira [tracks 3,7,16],
    Leonardo Bravo [track 5],
    Marcelo Coronel [tracks 6,11,13],
    Carlos Moscardini [tracks 9,12,14], and
    Paulo Bellinati [track 15].Recorded in Hanover, Germany January 2016.Mixing & Mastering: Wolf-Dieter Karwatky at KarCos Productions

    Executive & Artistic production: Leandro Riva

    Guitar: Petar Antić 2011


    Leandro Riva Baião (baião)
    Leandro Riva Por los dominios del Inca (carnavalito)
    Leandro Riva  Danza de las manos (malambo)
    Leandro Riva Vidala (vidala)


    Sentimientos Sudamericanos
  •   1 Las Abejas
    2 Julia Florida
    3 Maxixe
    La catedral
    4 Lento saudade
    5 Andante religioso
    6 Allegro solemne
    Sonata III
    7 Allegro moderato
    8 Andante Chanson
    9 Allegro non troppo
    Tres canciones catalanas
    10 El testament d’Amelia
    11 La Filadora
    12 Canço del lladre
    Compositions by

    Agustín Barrios Mangoré [tracks 1-6],

    Manuel Maria Ponce [tracks 7-9], and

    Miguel Llobet Solés [tracks 10,11].

    Recorded in Sweden, 2008.

    Artistic Producer and Recording: Alejandro Lemos

    Executive & Artistic production: Leandro Riva

    Mastering & Mixing: Björn Engelmann, Cutting Room Stockholm Sweden

    Guitar: Henner Hagenlöcher, 2004

    Leandro Riva Maxixe
    Leandro Riva Catedral - Allegro solemne
    Leandro Riva Sonata III - Allegro non troppo
    Leandro Riva Tres Canciones Catalanas - Canço del lladre

    Featured artists:
    Bernd Ahlert (Germany)
    Katja Bergström (Germany)
    Ulrich Busch (Germany/Namibia)
    Oliver Eidam (Germany)
    Boyan Karanjuloff (Bulgaria)
    Ulf Kröger (Germany)
    Leandro Riva (Argentina)
    Keti & Boyana Stoyanova (Bulgaria)
    Leandro participated in the recording of four pieces.
    Over the Years

      1 Escolaso
    2 El choclo
    3 La Trampera
    4 Adiós Nonino
    5 Milonga del Boxitracio
    6 Taquito militar
    7 A fuego lento
    8 El día que me quieras
    9 Fuga y Misterio
    10 Corralera
    11 La cumparsita
    12 Nocturna
    13 Canaro en Paris
    Artists: Damián Cortés, Leonardo Intilángelo and Leandro Riva

    Recording & Mixing: Ariel Miglioreli:  Estudio Corcovado, Rosario, Argentina

    Executive Producer: Escolaso Guitarra Tango Trío

    Artistic Producers: Leonardo Bravo and Marcelo Coronel

    Arrangements: Pepe Ferrer

    Escolaso Guitarra Tango Trio Escolaso


    Escolaso Guitarra Tango Trio

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